Network Security – should you care?

Network security is a serious and often annoying pastime for people governing small companies. A big reason is the lack of equipment and individual IT professionals who have experience with securing corporate LAN. Space address security, although this is an extremely important point. Only one user violated requirements for information security can easily erase the achievements of small business and ruin it. In addition to constant attacks from viruses, spyware and spam (thousands sexual, pharmaceutical and others. Proposals of the day) can significantly reduce employee productivity.

Threats can come from many places and at any time. Free Wi-Fi installations. a great convenience, but also Seriously running weakness in most networks. No less dangerous and threats from some websites and download illegal content that employees do. The list of “evils come from IT Pandora’s box” can also include wasting traffic bored when employees visit sites like MySpace and Facebook, or watch videos from YouTube or vob7 in time.

How to secure your small business against these “terrible trouble” with limited financial and human resources?

In fact, the task may not be as difficult, thanks to the fact that corporate security technologies slowly but surely move to the level of small business. So-called UTM (unified threat management) security solutions such as offering multiple security tools in one box, a true shield for your local “network Castle,” which employed and part-time network administrator can easily integrate.